Anthony Scaramucci: $100K Per BTC by Year-end is Still Within Reach

Anthony Scaramucci: $100K Per BTC by Year-end is Still Within Reach

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04/10/2021 by Admin
We are witnessing exponential growth in bitcoin demand every month. According to Anthony Scaramucci, the SkyBridge Capital founder and CEO, it is reasonable to expect that bitcoin will reach the $100,000 level by the end of this year.
Anthony Scaramucci: $100K Per BTC by Year-end is Still Within Reach

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The SkyBridge Capital founder and CEO Anthony Scaramucci claim that the famous worldwide bitcoin (BTC) can mark the $100,000 level before 2021 ends. His reasoning is mainly because of the monthly exponential increase we witness in bitcoin demand.

In an exclusive interview conducted by Cointelegraph, Anthony Scaramucci stated:

“The bottom line is you have a limited and fixed supply of Bitcoin, and you have exponentially more demand.”

He further explained:

“As long as I see that, I see those prices rising. So, we’re going to stick with the $100,000 price target.”

Anthony Scaramucci was once among the bitcoin skeptic people. However, last year he launched the first bitcoin fund of his company, SkyBridge Capital, with 25 million dollars. Since the launch, the company has been accumulating virtual currency on a steady basis.

“We now have probably $650 to 700 million dollars worth of Bitcoin across our product portfolio,” stated Scaramucci.

Even though he was a skeptic once, he is a firm believer in cryptocurrency today. He is pretty sure that the growth of bitcoin, the number 1 cryptocurrency, is faster than tech giants such as Facebook, Amazon, and Google. His other prediction about the growth and success of bitcoin is that the number of bitcoin holders will reach 1 billion by 2025. He stated:

“This is a technology and a product of the future, and the future is going to come more quickly than people expect.”

Scaramucci warned other money managers and further added:

“You’re going to be benchmarked off of Bitcoin, meaning in your mosaic of stocks and bonds and alternatives and gold, there’ll be a few percentage points related to digital currency. And since Bitcoin is the winner of that battle, it’ll likely be Bitcoin. So if you’re not going to be an investor in Bitcoin, you’re effectively short Bitcoin.”

What do you think about these ambitious claims made by SkyBridge Capital founder and CEO Anthony Scaramucci? How much growth in bitcoin demand will we see by the end of this year and by 2025? Share your opinions in the comment section and visit other blog posts for further crypto-related news!

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