Bitcoin’s Anonymous Creator Satoshi Nakamoto’s First-Ever Statue Unveiled in Budapest

Bitcoin’s Anonymous Creator Satoshi Nakamoto’s First-Ever Statue Unveiled in Budapest

03/11/2021 by Admin
The statue of bitcoin's pseudonymous creator Satoshi Nakamoto was recently unveiled in Budapest. The first-ever figure of anonymous creator Nakamoto is a bust with minimal facial features, which signifies the anonymity of the creator.
Bitcoin's Anonymous Creator Satoshi Nakamoto's First-Ever Statue Unveiled in Budapest

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Bitcoin’s anonymous creator Satoshi Nakamoto’s first-ever statue was recently unveiled in Hungary. The identity of the historical figüre is still a mystery after all these years, but it became more visible to the public eye using the statue. The bronze statue acknowledges the massive contribution that the creator made to the disruption of conventional economics. The figure was put on display at Grapishop Park in Budapest, Hungary. There is a bust of a person wearing a hoodie with a bitcoin logo imprinted on it in the statue. The way that the face was sculpted is quite vague and represents the anonymous character of the creator Satoshi Nakamoto. A video from the unveiling ceremony is being circulated on social media, and it shows a crowd of people around the statue taking photos of the figure.

The “Statue of Satoshi” project’s co-founder and crypto news site Kripto Akademia’s editör Andras Gyorfi and the Hungarian crypto exchange Shinrai’s CEO Debreczeni Barnabas were among the prominent figures that were present at the unveiling ceremony. Both Gyorfi and Barnabas addressed the mass at the unveiling ceremony.

Before the ceremony of unveiling the bronze statue started, Gyorfi stated:

“Whoever he or she was, Bitcoin creates value, and especially the technology behind Bitcoin, blockchain, creates value.”

Cointelegraph reported Barnabas’s remarks on the anonymous creator:

“Satoshi Nakamoto has created independent money free of any middlemen that empowered people with financial sovereignty… We have erected this statue to remind ourselves courage is a virtue. We need to keep on dreaming big.”

The project named “Statue of Satoshi” was first declared in May. It was supported by Kripto Akademia, Coin, Blockchain Budapest, and the Blockchain Hungary Association. The sculptors of the statue are Gergely Reka and Tamas Gilly. They gave a mirror-like sheen to the face part of the statue, in which they were probably intentionally asserting that “we are all Satoshi.”

At Grapishop Park, the statue will be located near statues of other prominent figures, including Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.

Social media users have been talking about the event. Some worship the anonymous creator in various ways. For example, someone tweeted “our messiah Satoshi!” while another person commented on the crowd as “it is a cult.”

One of the Twitter users made a joke on how bitcoin is perceived by society: “Was it covered in gold? Or digital gold…? Hmmm”.

Although speculation about the identity of the pseudonymous creator has been going on for years, Satoshi Nakamoto’s anonymity had no damage with the increasing fame.

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