What is Chiliz Token

What is Chiliz Token

How It Works
17/12/2021 by Koinal
Chiliz (CHZ) is mainly a football coin that is used in digital sports and entertainment platforms. CHZ is a utility token that is a part of the ethereum blockchain. It is also the official digital asset of a platform called Socios.
What is Chiliz Token

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Against the weakening relationship between sports clubs and their fans, The founders of Chiliz wanted to make the bonds closer. So Chiliz was created in 2012 in Malta.

The token’s goal is to allow millions of fans in the world of sports and esports to relate with the club they support directly. Furthermore, through the coin, they gain the right to vote and thus participate in the club activities and decisions actively.

Chiliz is one of the best ways for the fan base to engage with their favorite club. Especially in the esports platforms, fans are an active part of the club’s life, and they can even buy players. Moreover, the platform is in collaboration with the biggest clubs and best players. So the more you invest in CHZ coins, the more voice you have in the decision-making processes.

The website recognizes you and measures how much your account remained inactive; it saves your previous rewards as well as your preferences. Through all these functions, you are offered a brilliant user experience.

Your right to vote is granted through CHZ tokens. In addition, the club offers you a variety of surveys on different topics. For example, you can vote for the team logo, the best player of the match, the location of summer tournaments and friendlies, and so forth.

The more you get CHZ tokens, the more you get the right to vote. And the more you vote, the more likely you get a reward.

CHZ is the official currency of the fan engagement platform Socios. The platform also allows its users to buy fan tokens from famous sports clubs such as Barcelona, AS Roma, Paris Saint-Germain, and Galatasaray.

The total supply of Chiliz fan tokens today is $8.8 billion.

Through fan engagement platforms such as Socios, fans actively engage with their favorite clubs and sports bodies take part in the digital transformation that we are witnessing today. Socios is one of the pioneers of digitizing the management of communication between clubs and their fan base. This platform enables fans to influence decisions about merchandise designs, training field names, celebration songs, etc. It is also a way for the club to honor the fans.

So, how does one buy this coin? Chiliz fan token (CHZ) cannot be purchased using fiat money; it requires a crypto exchange with one of the main cryptocurrencies as the first step. You can buy bitcoin, ethereum, or tether for instance… For the fiat money-crypto exchange, one of the known crypto exchange platforms would work. After converting your fiat money to one of the significant crypto assets, you can buy CHZ with the help of the same platform. We recommend you visit as many different platforms as possible to find the best trading opportunity!

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