How to buy Algorand (ALGO) with Credit Card on Koinal?

How to buy Algorand (ALGO) with Credit Card on Koinal?

28/10/2020 by Koinal
The Algorand Foundation uses the Algo token as a medium for payment on its platform and network. The Algo is the token that supports the Algorand blockchain, network, and dApps.

At, we work with some of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, such as OKex. A Koinal account will open opportunities to purchase Algo and other cryptocurrencies.

First, Get a Wallet

The Algo is a digital asset, and it does not have a physical form. You must have a digital address to accept delivery and hold the asset. The digital wallet is the preferred device. You can also use a software wallet, mobile app wallet, hardware wallet, or desktop type. Koinal provides an online wallet to store and access your digital assets.

Register with Koinal

Koinal must work with international laws and regulations to know its customers and prevent money laundering. Koinal complies with these rules by requiring a verification process. The verification is also the first layer of security with two-step verification.

Open an Account

We will complete your account and confirm your wallet address. At this stage, you will be able to purchase cryptocurrency by converting your cash to digital assets, including Algo. You can enter your credit or debit card information.

Place Orders

On the Buy Coin page, you can fill in Algo’s amount that you wish to purchase by entering the cash amount. Our automatic process populates the amount of Algo and the total price, including all fees. You can place your order details and pay for your Algo tokens by entering the pay button. Our system freezes the price for 20 minutes so that you can complete your transaction with fear of a price increase.

Accept Delivery

The final screen shows the order as submitted and in process. The page information sets the window for completion, which is typically about one hour. You can press the Dashboard Button to see the progress of your order through delivery.

Store and Safe keep your Digital Assets

You must follow safety precautions to protect your digital assets. It includes passcodes and keys to prevent unauthorized access to your account and wallet. The wallet is the device to initiate trades and keep purchases.

At Koinal, we support new purchasers as well as experienced cryptocurrency buyers. Our convenient system does away with the need to arrange bank wires or to own cryptocurrency previously. Our process uses bank-issued cards to perform a quick and secure purchase transaction. Open an account today a start buying Algo and participate in its innovative projects.

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