How To Limit Your Losses Using A Stop Loss?

How To Limit Your Losses Using A Stop Loss?

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28/09/2020 by Koinal
Trading in cryptocurrency can involve decisions to buy, sell, or hold. Depending on your investment goals or financial strategy, you may wish to take advantage of sudden opportunities to gain value or avoid loss. There are trading tools that can help manage efforts to carry out your plans. The stop order is one of the popular tools for managing market movement or price trends.
How To Limit Your Losses Using A Stop Loss

In stock trading, day traders use tools to manage their portfolios. They can instruct the market to act a certain way when specific price events occur. For example, day traders can issue an order to sell or buy the stock at a particular price. In cryptocurrency trading, some stock trading tools can help manage your currency moves. offers a convenient method to purchase cryptocurrency. Through the Koinal system, you can buy Bitcoin and other leading currencies using a bank debit card or bank credit card.

Benefits of Orders

Currency traders can use orders to stop a loss, limit a loss, and buy currencies at specific prices. For many currency owners, the primary goal of orders is to avoid the steep swings. Several types of orders can limit or prevent further loss.

What is a Stop Order?

A stop order is a trigger. It is a number or price value that activates a decision. Once the trigger price point occurs, the action executes automatically. The stop order can protect a trader from the effects of big price swings and sudden price swings. The below-listed items describe some tools to avoid losses.

  • Stop loss order is useful for cryptocurrency trading. This type of order stops your loss by activation at a specific price point. The trigger is the price you set, and it activates when the currency falls below that point. For example, when the trigger price occurs, the asset will liquidate, and that action will avoid further loss.
  • Stop market orders can help stop loss and gain opportunities. The stop market will execute at a specified price point. This type of order can convert the stop into a market order that will always fill. This type of action can reduce loss and help gain opportunities.
  • Stop limit orders can also help limit your loss. These orders can allow you to enter or exit at a specific price but not if the price goes lower.

Koinal’s simple and effective method for purchasing cryptocurrencies will work with nearly every investment and finance strategy. You can acquire cryptocurrency with bank debit and credit cards and manage your holdings with stop orders and other trading tools.

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