J.P. Morgan Analysts Say Bitcoin’s Value Could Triple, Challenging Gold

J.P. Morgan Analysts Say Bitcoin’s Value Could Triple, Challenging Gold

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20/11/2020 by Koinal
J.P. Morgan bank is a leading global financial institution; its views can influence the US's investment community and across the globe. In the past, the Bank and its CEO have taken a hard line against cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. In a recent article, JP Morgan analysts suggest that Bitcoin can increase in value and rival gold in some investment market sectors.
For years J.P. Morgan was skeptical of Bitcoin. Now the bank’s analysts say its value could triple, challenging gold

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Bullish on Bitcoin

The analysts offer a pro-Bitcoin position based on assessments of the current market and emerging trends. BTC has emerged in global markets as a potential hedge against monetary policies that drive inflation. Like gold, many investors see BTC as an asset that does not depend on monetary policy for its value. In determining Bitcoin’s growth and investment potential, the bank’s analysts looked at current investments and long-term trend data.

Expanding Markets for Bitcoin

The use of Bitcoin has grown in recent years to include companies that seek to hold the asset as a hedge against unwanted economic changes. They include Square’s decision to add $50 Million of cryptocurrency to its balance sheet. The use of BTC as a corporate asset suggests the Canadian trend of converting cash reserves to BTC continues in the US.

PayPal’s decision to offer Bitcoin to its customers will increase potential buyers by a significant number. PayPal can offer cryptocurrency to more than 350 million active accounts.

The New Safe Harbor

Gold is a traditional safe harbor for investors seeking to balance a portfolio and hedge against volatility. The demographic trend suggests a divide between older and younger population groups. For many younger investors, Bitcoin has a certain appeal. A higher percentage of millennial investors prefer BTC to gold as a hedge. This emerging trend can support a doubling or more in the cryptocurrency’s value.

J.P. Morgan analysts provide a helpful analysis of the growth potential for Bitcoin. Koinal provides a safe, convenient, and efficient method for adding BTC to your portfolio. We are ready to help start to expand your cryptocurrency participation. Open an account today!

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