Koinal Partnered with The Phemex Exchange

Koinal Partnered with The Phemex Exchange

05/08/2020 by Koinal
Koinal.io has partnered with the Phemex Exchange to bring new purchasing resources, tools, and opportunities to our customers. Our system will provide a US Dollar channel for purchases on the Exchange. The Koinal Phemex partnership will enable buyers to work with the Exchange's customizable account tools while using their usual payment method.

The complementary partnership will support all styles of trading and a wide range of trading goals. Using bank credit and debit cards, buyers will be able to apply the US dollar to cryptocurrency trading on the Exchange. This credit and debit option will increase the availability of cryptocurrency to buyers that prefer to use bank-issued cards. Phemex is a leader in innovative approaches to cryptocurrency trading. They have pioneered in the field of low fee arrangements, professional-level tools, and highest levels of site security. The new partnership will expand purchasing opportunities and add tools for carrying out your investment strategies.

The Exchange offers tools useful for buyers at all levels of experience and knowledge. Buyers can work with the partnership to carry out high-volume strategies, long-term trading, and hedging. The Exchange was built to accommodate individual, corporate, and institutional trading.

The dynamic partnership will combine institutional-grade trading and security. Phemex is a leader in cryptocurrency derivatives trading. Their system includes advances like low-fee trading and high leverage ratios. It supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, ChainLink, Tezos, and Litecoin.

The partnership will provide tools for buyers of all levels of knowledge and experience. Experienced traders can explore derivatives and futures trading. They can find familiar market research tools and the ability to post-trading and stop actions. 

Phemex has an outstanding group of former Morgan Stanley executives and project developers. They are well-equipped to bring professional trading tools and information to cryptocurrency. Koinal will provide a currency channel for purchasing cryptocurrency on the Exchange. The partnership will offer services to residents of qualified jurisdictions. Both partners offer 24/7 access to their services. The Exchange focuses on efficiency; the processing rate is 300,000 transactions per second. The forward-thinking Exchange provides multilingual support.

Get Leading Currencies

Phemex offers top currencies for trading and investing. They include Bitcoin(BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Ripple(XRP). These currencies are among the largest and most secure cryptocurrencies. The partnership combines easy payment and sophisticated investment tools. The partnership opens a seamless purchasing experience for new and experienced buyers.

Using exclusive technology, we simplify the purchase of cryptocurrencies. Our proprietary exchange technology will enable purchases with our customer’s preferred payment methods. You can purchase cryptocurrency using a debit or credit cards issued by VISA, MasterCard, and China’s Union Pay service.

When you are ready to start or expand currency purchases, we offer a US Dollar channel for purchasing cryptocurrency on the Phemex Exchange. We have joined forces to combine the leading available currencies with our advanced encryption security. You can use your bank-issued cards with confidence, knowing that your sensitive and personal data is safe.

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