Seeing the Bitcoin Opportunity in Challenging Times

Seeing the Bitcoin Opportunity in Challenging Times

14/04/2020 by Koinal
Seeing the Bitcoin opportunity in challenging times can result in great profits. Hit the link to learn more about current Bitcoin trends and how you can profit from it.
Seeing the Bitcoin Opportunity in Challenging Times

Bitcoin has taken the investors on a roller-coaster ride and seeing the latest coronavirus outbreak; its price has been affected. However, seeing the Bitcoin opportunity in challenging times may lead to a generous profit. Koinal, similar to other cryptocurrency platforms, see this as a great opportunity and encourage potential investors and buyers to invest in buying Bitcoin. This is because, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Bitcoin suffered the most in years, falling from the value of $7,600 to directly at $5,300. But even so, the price of the most famous cryptocurrency reached its lowest at some times on Thursday night, falling well below $4000.

Despite all the fear and panic due to the corona outbreak, Koinal believes in grasping the opportunity when it arrives, and therefore, it has doubled its workforces to cater to your needs. With that aside, let’s take a deeper dive into what are the challenges and how you can profit.

The clash between the Corona Virus and Bitcoin

For a long time, cryptocurrency advocates have debated that tokens are perfect safe havens from irregularities of the wider financial markets. With strict rules and a fixed supply for unleashing new tokens, Bitcoin is not limited to manipulations that government and central banks use for their fiat currencies. Although these manipulations have caused the financial markets to strain, we have seen Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies rise in prices. However, the recent corona outbreak has inspired a plunge in the value of Bitcoin. It is expected that the coronavirus is likely to reverse head and shoulder pattern points to as low as US$7,800 to US$7,200 from US$ 10,500.

This might deliver the last opportunity to purchase Bitcoin with sensible reward/risk before cryptocurrency takes back its throne. So, what are you waiting for? Seeing the Bitcoin opportunity in challenging times might become a reason for your wealth. Therefore, head on to the Koinal website and claim your Bitcoin at the lowest price!

The Other Side of the Story

Albeit the drop in cryptocurrency prices hit the most on Thursday, the decline in cryptocurrency prices started earlier this week. Coincidently, this happened along with the oil fluctuations that came with the news that Saudi Arabia and Russia had failed to conclude. We all know that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been famous in these parts of the world, its link to the hit the energy market makes sense. However, those who are aligned with the updates of cryptocurrency markets have mentioned another cause. PlusToken ran a Ponzi scheme where it exploited Chinese and Koreans cryptocurrency investors and took up to $2 billion in Bitcoin.

Plustokens may have caused this plunge in prices, said by cryptocurrency executives. However, regardless of why that served as a potential contributor in the downward price avalanche, Koinal invites potential investors to see this as an opportunity. In fact, with Koinal, you can instantly buy Bitcoin at great prices and with its competent team, your transaction will be flawless. So, don’t wait and jump right into the cryptocurrency market!

Possible low between US$ 7,800 and US$ 7,200. Looking at the future of the next few weeks, it is evident that Bitcoin prices will likely go lower. What this means is that the upcoming price targets contain 61.8% of the previous wave of US$ 7,231 retracement and the US$ 7,700 to US$ 8,200 support zone. Thus, a limited definition would provide a potential low between US$ 7,200 to US$ 7,800.

Pretty confusing, right? Fret not. In simple terms, this is the last great buying opportunity for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and potential investors before the price of Bitcoin skyrocket again. So, if you are looking to avail of this opportunity, don’t hesitate. Head right straight to Koinal and get the best service and prices for your favourite cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin’s Future and Final Verdict

Regardless of the price swing that Bitcoin faces, it is true that Bitcoin is a roller-coaster ride. It is arguable that Bitcoin is a legitimate fiat currency alternative and thus, has motivated investors to buy Bitcoin when the price is low and sell it when the price is high.

Seeing the Bitcoin opportunity in challenging times can provide you with great profit opportunities.

So, don’t waste any more time and head to Koinal right away. Because you know what they say, its never too late to earn some greens!

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