The Best Cryptocurrency Movies and Documentaries

The Best Cryptocurrency Movies and Documentaries

17/01/2022 by Admin
In each passage of a new year, different kinds of lists are shared: resolutions for the next year, lessons we learned from the previous year, must-listen songs, must-read books… As we are in the first month of 2022, it seems like the perfect moment to share with you the best cryptocurrency films.
The Best Cryptocurrency Movies and Documentaries

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Cryptocurrencies have been in our lives for over a decade now and the things to know about them increase at an incredible speed. These cultural products, be it fiction or a documentary, help us learn about the history and types of cryptocurrencies as well as understand how these virtual assets affect our lives.

Here is a special selection of the films about one of the most important technological revolutions of our times:

  • The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin

The documentary was released in 2014 by filmmakers Nicholas Mross, Patrick Lope, and Daniel Ross. It takes an elaborative look at the crypto world and includes several leading entrepreneurs of the field such as Margaux Avedisian, Gavin Andresen, and Brian Armstrong. If you are a beginner and would like to know more about the initial years of the cryptocurrencies, this documentary is for you.

  • Crypto

This crime-drama thriller is probably the most popular film about cryptocurrencies so far. During the film, which was directed by John Stalberg Jr. and released in 2019, we see references made to cryptocurrency technology. Luke Hemsworth, Kurt Russell, and Beau Knapp are among the large number of actors in the film.

  • Cryptopia: Bitcoin, and the Future of the Internet

One of the newest films in the category is the documentary called Cryptopia, which was released in 2020. As a recent production, it goes beyond explaining the field and talks about the controversies and challenges regarding the world of cryptocurrency. If you are bored of introductory content, this film is for you!

  • Netflix explained: Cryptocurrency

If you are eager to learn the basics of this new universe but do not want to give hours of your life, this documentary is for you because it is only 14-minute long! It is part of a documentary series on a variety of topics. Thanks to this short documentary, you can learn the most important knowledge that you need to access as a beginner. It might be a good choice as the first film you would watch on this matter also because this way you can quickly check whether you are interested in the topic enough to do more research.

  • Banking on Bitcoin

The 83-minute long “Banking on Bitcoin” is one of the most popular documentaries about bitcoin. The documentary, which was directed by Christopher Cannucciari and released in 2016, offers an elaborative approach to bitcoin and its (potential) impact on our lives. Its position is optimistic towards bitcoin as a new alternative to fiat money. The documentary criticizes the corrupt and non-functional structure of centralized finance and claims that the cryptocurrency, being free from tampering or corruption, is the only honest financial asset today. In this documentary, you can also find a historical analysis of the development of bitcoin since 2008.

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