We Joined Forces with Okex.com

We Joined Forces with Okex.com

18/12/2019 by Koinal
We proudly announce to users of Okex, you can now buy BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH and XRP on Okex with your bank/credit cards!
Okex Koinal Partnership

Just like we partnered with Binance, we have tapped into the market of Okex users very recently. Joining hands with them is another step forward to building up the digital asset economy. Koinal has made purchasing cryptocurrencies extremely simple – using your debit or credit card. Both Visa and Mastercard are accepted. We also plan to introduce bank transfers as a method of payment very soon. Now, we had only started in 2018. There are millions of digital asset investors out there who have been trading across various platforms for a long time. We aim to provide such cryptocurrency buyers with a smooth and hassle-free purchase experience. Our partnership with Okex is another step towards this goal.

What is Okex?

A leading cryptocurrency exchange platform in the world, Okex has millions of users across more than a hundred countries. It is the industry’s gold standard, witnessing a volume of $1.5 billion of trade on an average per day. Okex is not a cryptocurrency in itself. However, it provides you with a wallet that securely stores your cryptocurrency – whether you own one or multiple. Not only that, any transaction that you wish to make with your digital currency takes place through this platform.

So, what role does Koinal play here?

The Partnership Between Koinal and Okex

There are two ways of purchasing cryptocurrency on Okex:

●        Directly

●        Or, through a third party

Koinal is one of the two trusted third parties Okex has partnered with. So, if you choose to use Koinal as a medium to fill up your Okex wallet, this is how you can benefit:

●        The convenience of transaction: Koinal allows you to use your Visa or Mastercard Debit or Credit Card to buy the digital currency of your choice.  All of this takes place without any hassle using Koinal.

●        Pay less with Koinal: We charge relatively low fees per transaction.

●  Our dedicated customer service: Our help desk team does not believe in leaving any grievance or queries unanswered. It is our mission to grow the digital currency economy.

●        Security: Your personal information remains safe when you trade with us. We realize what can happen when sensitive data is leaked out, which is why you get the best service of encryption and fraud monitoring from us.

How does it work?

It is extremely simple with the partnership between Okex and Koinal:

  1. You go to Okex.com and go to Trade-Buy Crypto (under Fiat).
  2. On that page, you choose your fiat currency first.
  3. Next, you choose the cryptocurrency you wish to buy – Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Ethereum or Bitcoin Cash.
  4. You click on the buy button against Koinal.
  5. You complete your KYC and payment on Koinal, which hardly takes any time.
  6. Just check your payment status on Koinal as well as the receipt of cryptocurrency in your Okex wallet.

Could entering the digital world of assets get any simpler?

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