What are Football Coins?

What are Football Coins?

10/12/2021 by Koinal io
Cryptocurrencies have drastically changed the way individuals and companies trade and invest. Many extra-commerce activities such as music, cinema, and sport embraced this change and adapted to it in their relations with the audience and supporters.
What are Football Coins?

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As the most popular channel by which the cryptocurrency market entered the sports field, football fans are bringing the cryptocurrency revolution to sports. As a result, fan tokens and football coins are in high demand today.

Football is the most popular sport in the world. Football fans from several clubs can use digital tokens to buy tickets. One can earn a token by visiting digital trading platforms and interacting with the team through social media accounts.

More and more football clubs today integrate crypto payment options with their mobile payment systems to include crypto users. In addition, many clubs produce branded items and organize events for which payment is possible only with crypto assets.

Through crypto trading platforms, buying a football coin is very easy.

Below we share with you some of the most popular football fan coins:

FC Barcelona (BAR) Coin:

The club has more than 300 million fans around the world. The sale of BAR coins began in June 2020 on several online crypto platforms. So far, the amount of investment attracted is $1.3 million. Those who own a BAR coin are eligible to vote on various club activities and earn points as they use the platform. The fans can then use these points in meetings with the club’s players, as match tickets, and as prizes.

Chiliz (CHZ) Football Coin:

Chiliz is an e-sports cryptocurrency platform by which fans can join the life of a sports team and buy players. The blockchain platform collaborates with the biggest football clubs as well as the best e-sports players. The main resource to be active in the platform is obtaining CHZ football coins. The more CHZ coin you hold as an investor, the more significant your vote. CHZ’s journey began when Chiliz issued 8.8 billion of them in October 2018.

AC Milan Fan Token (ACM)

The club created this coin as a utility token for the fans who use the app named Socios. The app is a sports-themed crypto platform where sports and entertainment organizations can communicate with fans. In addition, ACM holders can participate in exclusive club competitions and have at least one vote every season to use in a critical club decision.

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) Fan Token

The football club issued PSG tokens in 2018. It was issued as part of the Fan Token Offering (FTO) in collaboration with Socios. PSG token holders get a say in decisions such as team logos, colors, and stadium music as well as they can vote for some player awards, summer tours and friendlies.

Juventus (JUV) Fan Token

The token was issued in January 2019 in collaboration with Socios. The holders of this token participate in polls and specific club decisions and can earn points for their club-related interactions.

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