What are the advantages of Bitcoin? – 2020 Edition

What are the advantages of Bitcoin? – 2020 Edition

04/09/2020 by Koinal
Bitcoin is the world's most popular and well-known cryptocurrency. Some reports suggest that more than 70 percent of the world's cryptocurrency value is in Bitcoin. The advantages of Bitcoin in 2020 include full acceptance, growth prospects, and global transactions.
What are the advantages of Bitcoin

There are several essential benefits of Bitcoin that one should consider when purchasing or expanding involvement in cryptocurrency. The below-listed items describe some of the advantages of owning Bitcoin.

  • Bitcoin is paperless
  • Supports global payments
  • Bitcoin does not require banks or service providers; the decentralized network provides security.
  • Has the potential to increase in value

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Transactions at any Time

The process of sending and receiving bitcoins can be anonymous. The blockchain is transparent, but it reveals send and receive destinations. You can perform a Bitcoin transaction at any time and from any point of access to the Internet. Bitcoin has low transaction fees, and a Bitcoin payment has global acceptance.

Mainstream Adoption

According to a recent ruling by the Office of the Currency Comptroller, significant banks can hold Bitcoin as custodian. Large finance organizations use Bitcoin derivatives as part of their asset bases.

Mainstream investments have long had an interest in cryptocurrency. Many investment experts view Bitcoin and other leading currencies as sources of diversification. The growth of influential trends like DeFi also points up Bitcoin’s usefulness as an asset.

Government Regulation

The IRS has issued guidance for taxpayers on their Bitcoin and cryptocurrency holdings. The US government appears to pay more attention to Bitcoin. Overall, governments do not exercise control over Bitcoin. For those for whom reducing government control is essential, then Bitcoin is a helpful asset.

Bitcoin has attributes of security and utility. Since it is primarily used as a means of exchange, it is not governed as a security subject to the US Securities laws. Many investors use Bitcoin as a fiat currency and place them in DeFi projects and investments.

Assessing Bitcoin in 2020

The investment potential remains and is a strong incentive for holding the asset. The asset value can provide financial benefits while held in ownership. It is widespread, and most of the amount held in cryptocurrency is in Bitcoin. While the price does rise and fall, the overall trajectory from its origin now represents a phenomenal gain of value. 

Bitcoin has extensive usage as a currency, and an increasing number of retailers use Bitcoin. The anonymity of the sender and receiver is a useful feature for online purchasing and transactions. Bitcoin does not require access to conventional systems, and this feature makes it global and mostly free for usage.

Advantages of Outweigh Disadvantages

Bitcoin does have drawbacks. Like any cryptocurrency, there is a potential for malicious use. Bad actors can use cryptocurrency for criminal activity, and this is also true of fiat currency. The lack of some types of tracing is an issue that still requires resolution. 

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