Meet Ethereum!

Ether (ETH), the cryptocurrency of the Ethereum network is the second-largest cryptocurrency by the market cap. According to Ethereum, people buy Ethereum not only as an investment but also to use it to make payments and as collateral.

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency that has been introduced to people. To this day the creator or creators of Bitcoin is unknown. Bitcoin was first conceptualized in a whitepaper which was published back in 2008 under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakatomo.

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How to Buy ETHEREUM On Koinal?

Buy ETH With Credit Card: You can buy Ethereum using your credit card on all of the Koinal platform. Koinal platform only accept credit cards that are issued by Visa, MasterCard, and ChinaUnion Pay.

Buy ETH with Debit Card: You can use your debit card on all of the Koinal platform to buy cryptocurrency. Again, your debit card must be issued either by Visa, MasterCard, or ChinaUnion Pay.

Buy ETH with Bank Transfer: You can use bank transfer to create and top-up your balance on Koinal to buy Ethereum. SWIFT and SEPA options are both available.

Buy ETH with Apple Pay (Coming Soon): You can buy Ethereum using Apple Pay.

Buy ETH Anywhere!: You can buy Ethereum with your credit/debit card or bank transfer wherever you are, whenever you want using the Koinal mobile apps.

Koinal Mobile App

Download the Koinal apps and buy/sell your ETH plus 12+ cryptocurrencies, anytime and anywhere.

How To Use Koinal Platform To Buy ETH?

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  • Koinal Registration


    Click on the register button to create your account. Once you create your profile, you can start your purchase.

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  • Koinal Security

    KYC (Know-Your-Customer)

    Complete the KYC process. It is extremely simple and straightforward. It will only take a few minutes of your time.

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  • Koinal Credit card


    Fill in your payment details. Save them for faster checkout next time you use Koinal to buy ETH.

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  • Koinal Wallet

    Completing Purchase

    Choose the amount of ETH you want to purchase to complete the purchase. Your ETH will be transferred to your wallet for free!

Sit back and relax while we send your Ethereum to your wallet for free!

What Can I Do With My ETHEREUM?

Unlike Bitcoin, ETH wasn’t designed to disrupt online banking and day-to-day transactions but for now, when people buy Ethereum they use it for value exchange. Here are some ideas about what you can do with your ETH.

Koinal hold invest

Hold and Invest

ETH is currently in the list of the world’s Top 100 Assets by Marketcap therefore the majority of the investors prefer to buy Ethereum, hold on, or sell it as a form of investment.

Koinal bitcoin

Spend Your Ethereum

ETH is the second most popular and established cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. You can find it accepted as a payment method at many online businesses.

For more information about how to spend your ETH, or accept ETH payments as a business owner, visit our sister company at

Why Koinal Is The Best Platform To Buy ETHEREUM?

Koinal Credit Card

Koinal provides the best platform for an easy and fast way to buy Ethereum using credit/debit cards, and bank transfer, on the market.

Koinal kyc

Completing the KYC process will only take a moment! We do that all the while being fully compliant with all the laws and regulations and providing the highest level of security.

Koinal deposit

Koinal is also regulated by all the relevant financial institutions of the countries it is based in and operating.

Koinal Sel coin

No kind of financial expertise needed to use the Koinal Mobile Apps or the website to buy ETH or the supported cryptocurrencies.

Koinal KYC

You can either use the Koinal online platform on your desktop or download the Koinal Mobile Apps (available on both Android and iOS) to your mobile devices.

Koinal Mobile App

Koinal never stops improving itself always striving to add newer features and coins, always evolving, innovating, and pushing for a better experience for its customers.

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